Jimmy Kimmel Has Become a Joke... An Unfunny One

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Opinion — In the ongoing battle over the American healthcare system, a very unlikely voice has arisen in favor of a socialized, universal healthcare system run by the government: The (alleged) comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Since Kimmel’s new second child, a son, was born with a rare heart disease and needed open-heart surgery, Kimmel has suddenly launched himself full-scale into the healthcare debate, insisting that his own personal experience is somehow proof that America needs socialized medicine. He has tried using this emotional fodder as an excuse to make his soapbox seem larger than others, and has tried to portray himself as some sort of expert on healthcare.

That, of course, is like me saying that because I have a sibling who lost their house to a hurricane, I am now suddenly a meteorologist.

But that hasn’t stopped the comedian, who is most likely resorting to such a last-ditch ultra-political tactic in order to save himself from irrelevance, rather than actually caring about the issue. He has used this to directly attack Republican Senators in particular who are determined to repeal ObamaCare in order to improve our healthcare system for the better. He has gone directly after Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, who is leading one last charge to repeal ObamaCare along with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

On Kimmel’s Tuesday show, he labeled Cassidy a liar, specifically claiming that the Graham-Cassidy bill does not provide protections for those who have pre-existing conditions. Never mind the fact that this, in and of itself, is an actual lie - even the Washington Post reports that Graham-Cassidy maintains ObamaCare’s ban on denial of coverage for those with pre-existing conditions - but he even went so far as to list the office phone numbers for Cassidy and several other Republican Senators who will be key votes on the bill. With his massive platform of millions of viewers, Kimmel used outright lies and intimidation to spread both fear and anger, relying entirely on emotions rather than fact.

As to be expected, his allies in the mainstream media rushed to his defense despite the outright false nature of his attacks. Politico even declared that Kimmel was more accurate in his description of Graham-Cassidy than Cassidy himself, according to certain “analysts.” Again, never mind that Cassidy is one of the authors of the bill and thus obviously knows more about it than some late-night (supposed) comedian.

And through all of this, remember one more important thing: Dr. Cassidy is actually a physician, who received his M.D. from the LSU School of Medicine. His medical career spanned over 20 years prior to holding elected office, and his wife, Dr. Laura Layden, is also a physician.

Kimmel, by contrast, is not a doctor and never successfully graduated college. Neither his ex-wife nor his current wife are doctors. Yet because his son has an extreme medical condition, Kimmel declares that this makes him more qualified than an actual practicing physician with over two decades of experience.

And as if this ridiculous illusion of intellectual superiority wasn’t enough, Kimmel has lashed out just as absurdly at any of his critics. Case-in-point: Fox News commentator Brian Kilmeade.

When Kilmeade accurately described Kimmel as a member of the “Hollywood Elite,” and claimed this was his primary motivation for “pushing” the unpopular and ineffective Obamacare on everyone, Kimmel responded with vulgar language and an open threat against Kilmeade. Claiming that Kilmeade “kisses my a**” when meeting him in person, and also calling Kilmeade a “phony little creep,” Kimmel declared - to applause from his audience - that he would “pound” Kilmeade if he sees him in person.

And once again, despite the obviously indefensible nature of this rant, Kimmel once again found cover by his left-wing cohorts in the mainstream media, when both reporters from the New York Times and CNN defended his comments.

And while Kimmel continues to commit one despicable act after another - openly lying about legislation, using his son’s condition as a political soapbox, and openly threatening his critics - those he attacks have conducted themselves with decency and integrity. Senator Cassidy simply responded to the criticisms by saying “I am sorry he does not understand,” before reaffirming that the bill guarantees coverage to more Americans, and protects “those with pre-existing conditions.”

And indeed, what Kilmeade has said is true: Celebrities in the Hollywood elite like Kimmel are continuing to lose their influence and relevance as they push further to the left. This is evident by the massive drop in ratings for massive Hollywood events that feature an explicitly anti-conservative or anti-Trump message, from the most recent Oscar’s (hosted by none other than Kimmel) or the Emmy’s (hosted by Stephen Colbert). Just as the media grows more and more frantic when they lose their trust and support among the American people, the Hollywood left go mad as they lose views and relevance.

As such, as frustrating as left-wing celebrity airheads like Kimmel may be, it is best to simply ignore them and continue fighting for what is right - like a free-market approach to healthcare. Continue to prove that they truly are in the minority, preaching to an ever-shrinking choir, and eventually their misguided fire will burn out.

And that day can’t come soon enough - it will be just as much of a relief to see Kimmel depart the stage not only because of his bad politics, but simply due to the fact that he is so horrendously unfunny.

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