Trump Can Save America

Trump Can Save America

No, this isn’t an exaggeration. Trump can save America if he follows through on just one of his campaign promises. If Trump uses the full force of the law to combat illegal immigration and to limit legal immigration, he will save our country.

Open borders advocates, libertarians, and even some conservatives will take issue with my aforementioned statement. I’ll take it a step further and second Ann Coulter’s position after then-candidate Trump released his stance on immigration: “I don’t care if [Donald Trump] wants to perform abortions in [the] White House after this immigration policy paper.” Yes, I’m well aware abortion is murder. I understand that it’s a barbaric procedure that harms both the mother and the pre-born baby.

I only ask that those who disagree with me at this point continue reading. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I’ll explain why Ann Coulter is right and how Trump can save America from its imminent demise if he follows through on his immigration promise.

All readers will hopefully agree on the following two premises:

(a) Republicans have an outreach problem. Republicans have tried to reach out to minorities and have seen little success.
(b)  Republicans can’t out-Democrat the Democrats when it comes to offering free stuff. Most Republicans aren’t fiscally conservative but they are more fiscally conservative than the Democrats are.

Republican messaging fails and Republican policy positions aren’t appealing to most minorities. You may provide anecdotal evidence about how you were able to convince a few members of a minority community to vote Republican, but, in the grand scheme of things, white voter turnout is the single most decisive factor in determining election outcomes.

If we hold the two aforementioned premises to be self-evident, three questions arise. First, why are we willing to offer amnesty to people who broke the law to enter our country? Second, why are we allowing people whose cultures and values are diametrically opposite to that of America’s to enter the country? Third, what makes Republicans think that the people we bring in will assimilate?

Before answering the questions above, it’s worth discussing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the effects of both legal and illegal immigration. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 replaced a meritocratic quota system with one based on familial relations. Despite promises that this law would not significantly increase the number of immigrants we allow into the country, the effect has been catastrophic. Immigration has increased significantly, the individuals we have brought in have formed cultural enclaves, and these individuals have been far more reliant on government assistance than native households.

An analysis of Census Bureau data found that 51% of houses headed by immigrants are on at least one welfare program compared to the 30% of native households. Immigrant households use more government assistance in terms of food programs, Medicaid, and cash programs. One out of every four educated immigrant households are on welfare while only one out of every ten native households are.

The effect of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 has been the influx of legal immigrants who have relied heavily on our government for assistance. Illegal aliens have proven to be far costlier for taxpayers. One study found that 70% of illegal aliens in Texas receive welfare. In 2013, approximately 160,000 illegal aliens cost Los Angeles taxpayers $1.6 billion.

And, contrary to popular belief, illegal aliens aren’t “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.” As an analysis of census data shows, jobs often thought to be majority immigrant are actually majority-native born:

(a)   Maids and housekeepers: 55 percent native-born
(b)  Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58 percent native-born
(c)   Butchers and meat processors: 63 percent native-born
(d)  Grounds maintenance workers: 65 percent native-born
(e)   Construction laborers: 65 percent native-born
(f)   Porters, bellhops, and concierges: 71 percent native-born
(g)  Janitors: 75 percent native-born

As college campuses, crime reports, and observing one’s surroundings make evident: few immigrants fully assimilate, most don’t fully assimilate, and a sizable portion of immigrants don’t assimilate at all.

Studies have shown, and often from unexpected sources, that diversity isn’t a strength. Harvard Professor Robert Putnam, a leftist, released a study (which he thoroughly reexamined for seven years hoping he would reach a different conclusion) that found that “the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings.” Furthermore, it found that “virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.”

To summarize, then:

(a)   Both legal and illegal immigration have been hurting taxpayers’ wallets
(b)   Both legal and illegal immigrants aren’t assimilating
(c)    Immigrants aren’t doing the jobs that Americans refuse to do
(d)   There is a negative correlation between the health of a community and diversity

That incentive do Republicans have to increase immigration, keep it the same, or to grant amnesty to illegal aliens? If Republicans are fiscally conservative, they should support limiting immigration significantly. It is contradictory for libertarians to support increased immigration or amnesty if their goal is to abolish the welfare state. If politicians are pro-American, why would they support H-1B visas, which, as some very accurately describe, are anti-American and are functionally similar to indentured servitude?

Democrats are far more willing to spend taxpayer dollars on whatever will earn them votes. Republicans cannot, and should not, try to outdo them. Democrats appeal to immigrants, both illegal and legal, because they offer aid to people who are likely in desperate need of it. I’ll say it again: Republicans will never be able to do this better than the Democrats. The left has organized voting blocs for most, if not all, minorities. Any attempts Republicans make will be futile.

There are 30 million illegal aliens in the United States (as Ann Coulter eloquently noted in her book: America has had 11 million illegal aliens for the past 10 years, do we honestly believe that Obama’s border policies haven’t increased the total?). One study found that eight of every ten illegal aliens come from Latin America. A Pew poll found that illegal aliens favor Democrats eight-to-one (evidently, Republican messaging has been just dandy).

This is where Trump comes in. If Trump builds the wall, places a moratorium on all immigration, puts into place a strong e-Verify system and a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system, repeals DACA and DAPA, deports illegal aliens, increases border security, and either fixes or eliminates broken foreign-worker programs, he will save the republic.

If Trump fails to enforce and put into place these immigration laws, a Democrat will eventually take office and will grant amnesty to thirty-million-plus illegal aliens in America. Given the voting habits of illegal aliens, Republicans will never win another election. This isn’t an exaggeration. Imagine over 30 million new voters and imagine them voting overwhelmingly Democrat. Democrats will have free rein to do as they please (as if they don’t already).

If Trump just follows through on his immigration promises, Democrats will have no one to grant amnesty to.

Democrats have realized that illegal aliens will earn them votes by the boatload. If you don’t believe me, just read what former-Senator and hardcore leftist Harry Reid said about immigration in 1994 or about his opposition to birthright citizenship for illegal aliens in 1993. Could you imagine a Democrat saying that now? No. Votes matter.

The goal of the Democrats is to build an unstoppable coalition of Democrat voters. If they ever push through amnesty, this coalition will come into existence. Democrats will enact every single policy conservatives have nightmares about.

So, if you’re pro-life, you should be for better immigration laws. If you’re fiscally conservative, you should be for better immigration laws. If you’re for preserving American culture, you should be for better immigration laws. If you’re for national security, you should be for better immigration laws. If you’re for limited government, you should be for better immigration laws.

When Ann Coulter says that she’s fine with abortions in the White House as long as Trump keeps his promise on immigration, this is what she means. She isn’t seeing this myopically. Yeah, it sounds absurd for a stalwart conservative like Ann Coulter to support abortions, but her message is that if Trump keeps his promise, we won’t ever have to worry about abortions on demand or a socialist state, for that matter.

I’m conservative down to the bone and every issue matters to me. But one issue matters more than any other: immigration. Other laws are temporary, but amnesty is forever.

Trump can save America only if he keeps his word on immigration.

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