Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day

How can one possibly write what words cannot possibly express?

I will confess - when yesterday started, I was incredibly doubtful. I genuinely feared that our country was indeed doomed to an inevitable decline with the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Frank Underwood in the flesh and with none of the charisma. The exact opposite of my very first election, just four years ago: I started off fearing, and preparing for, the worst. I was thinking it would probably be a close, painfully close loss.

I can’t remember exactly when it was, or where I was, when I slowly began to realize what was really going on. I recall nervously watching Florida, at the start of the night, while listening to Scott Adams’ voice telling us that, if Trump lost Florida, we could all just go to bed right then and there.

But he won Florida. Then he won North Carolina. Then he won Ohio. Then he won Wisconsin. Then he won Iowa. For most of the night, he held a surprise lead in Virginia. Then he made it across the finish line in Pennsylvania. Then he barely crossed the threshold in Michigan.

I went from being alone in my room, furiously refreshing the election results on social media, to being at a friend’s apartment, surrounded by my fellow patriots. Some of us were wearing our red “Make America Great Again” hats; all of us were rapidly updating our phones and chattering about the results to each other; and some of our bros were crying the manliest tears you’ve seen since the ending of Terminator 2. Twice in one night, we burst out into the National Anthem.

And the night dragged on still. I eventually returned to my apartment while most of my friends dared to venture around town; they reported a mob of students gathering to chant obscenities about our new President. The honest truth was that I could hear this mob from my apartment. But I still slept like a baby, finally dozing off around 3:30 AM, grateful that my normally-scheduled 9:30 AM class had already been cancelled for a completely unrelated reason.

The bottom line of all of this? Hope.

What happened last night was about hope. Today is about hope. Tomorrow is about hope. We, as proud Americans, who love our country and the great values of Western Civilization that it stands for, came together last night to declare that this was not the last stand of the USA. We declared that we can hope for a better and brighter future than the economic doom and gloom, the decline of international prestige, and the deterioration of our culture; all of the things that have plagued our beautiful land since the outgoing President first took office just 8 years ago.

We have also shown the world that we are not afraid to make history again - just not in the way everyone else was expecting. By electing the first President in U.S. history to have never held military rank or elected office, we have reminded everyone of the Founding Fathers’ original intentions with this office: It was indeed created so that an average person could take the job, provided they surrounded themselves with (ideally) the best advisers so that they wouldn’t make uninformed decisions. By electing someone who more accurately reflects us, as average Americans, we have succeeded in truly electing a real representative - not just a figurehead.

And yes, just like Brexit, we have accomplished this victory against literally every single odd you can imagine: Career politicians, lobbyists, PAC’s, corporations, big banks, the military-industrial complex, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the multinational organizations, the international community, and every other authority figure or governing body under the sun was fighting long and hard against our candidate.
And our candidate still won.

For the third time, the patriotic masses in America have risen, and the world has heard our mighty roar. We took the House back in 2010. We took the Senate back in 2014. We took the White House back in 2016. And all the while, we gradually gained a majority of state legislatures and governorships. The exact numbers may still be rolling in, but here is a very basic summary:

We now have the largest Republican majority in the country in nearly a century. This is the largest GOP majority in the federal government since the 1920’s, and the largest GOP share of state legislatures since the Civil War. Soon, we will have a Republican government decide the next Supreme Court justice, and perhaps even two more after that. It is truly a great day to be a Republican, but above all else, an amazing time to be an American.

And to those on the other side: Do not be afraid.

Yes, as I predicted, in the coming days the left will display an obvious backlash against us for what happened last night. They are reacting out of fear and sadness, which, when combined, inevitably lead to anger - we would most likely be feeling the same sense of dread if Hillary Clinton had won. But we must stand tall and personify the most important thing out of any election: The unity afterwards. Our President-Elect has vowed to be a President who will unite the country, as has always been his message. Even as they may slander us and refuse to accept the results, and protest and threaten throughout the next four years, we must still be ready to accept them with open arms in this effort, and strive to help them just as much as we help ourselves; for they too, are fellow Americans. We are all Americans. We are all in this together.

This is a new day in America. We now have a lot of work to do.

Mr. President...President Trump. Welcome to the White House.

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