Hide Your Guns, Hide Your Ammo… They Out Here Taking Everything

Hide Your Guns, Hide Your Ammo… They Out Here Taking Everything

Progressivism is a cancer. California leftists have been undermining and destroying the individual liberties of Californians for years, trading in freedom for more government regulation, more government oversight, and more government reliance. The sovereignty of the individual and the constitutional right to bear arms will be laid to waste if Proposition 63 passes on election day. The State of California already has the toughest gun control laws in the nation, but the elitist Sacramento lawmakers will not rest until our right to bear arms is utterly demolished. Conservatives and patriots need to make their voices heard at the ballot box to squash the nonsense leftists are trying to push.

First and foremost what new restrictions does Proposition 63 seek to impose?

Concerning the seizure of private property, millions of Californians who possess a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds will be forced either to sell those magazines out of state, relocate them out of state, or submit them to law enforcement officials. The legal penalty would be an infraction if citizens do not turn over their magazines. Also, the result of this ban means that guns that require ten or more rounds will be rendered illegal. This aspect of the law forces guns and magazines out of the hands of millions of law abiding citizens.

To ensure the gun grab by the state, the law will ensure that the court be involved and probation officers be mandated to check on citizens who do not comply with the new gun laws. This aspect of Proposition 63 is exactly what not the founding fathers wanted to happen regarding the relationship between the state and the individual on arms.

Another aspect of the law imposes new fees and new regulations on ammunition vendors. Employers will pay additional fees to have their employees become authorized sellers of ammunition thus, for small ammunition shops, the new fees can put them out of business. In addition Californians will now have to go undergo additional background checks for the purchase of ammo. The new regulations will require that Californians purchase and qualify for an ammunition permit, that must be renewed every four years and imposes more financial stress on the law abiding citizen.   

In addition, law abiding citizens will not be able to purchase ammunition from out of state vendors. Again, the leftists of California seek to impose and restrict all avenues and roads for law abiding citizens concerning gun and ammunition ownership. Bringing in out-of state ammunition without first delivering it to a licensed dealer will result in an infraction for the individual.

The issue is not concerning the safety of Californians or reducing crimes, in fact the issue is concerning control. The lawmakers in Sacramento have one goal in mind, and that is the removal and seizure of all guns from all citizens. For now they will pass regulation after regulation to slowly chip away at our liberties, but rest assured the laws will never end so long as progressives run the state. The problem with the Left is they are always seeking to progress, however their definition of progress does not mean more freedom, it means more control, more restriction, and more government. 

I ask all patriots in the state of California to vote No on Proposition 63.

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