Has the Line Been Drawn?

Has the Line Been Drawn?

OPINION-With Roy Moore's stunning loss, a question must be asked for the Republicans and conservatives: Has a line been drawn?

Moore was a man with a sketchy history to say the least.

Known for being forced to resign from the Alabama Supreme Court, as well as being forcibly removed from the court in 2003 for more controversial, less necessary reasons, he also has other, nefarious claims to fame.

He has claimed that homosexuality should be outlawed, going so far as to not follow the Supreme Court decision in implementing the Obergefell gay marriage decision in Alabama.

In fact, he seems to want to implement his biblical beliefs onto all Americans and replace the Constitution with the bible.

Moore has stated he would abolish every amendment after the 10th Amendment, which would get rid of the 14th allowing equality under law, the 19th allowing women to vote nationwide, and the 23rd allowing the Disctrict of Columbia to have suffrage in presidential elections, among others.

The man has even called the US the "focus of evil on the world," akin to Reagan's claim that the Soviet Union was the "focus of evil on the world" in the 1980's due to their embrace of communism.

Moore said that about the US due to our promotion of "horrible values like same sex marriage."

Moore was not supported by Trump in the Republican primary, nor was he supported by the establishment.

This lack of support from the establishment and Trump's lukewarm relationship to incumbent interim Luther Strange is what led to Strange's defeat to Moore.

Moore ended up winning by 32% in the first round and 54% in the runoff against Strange.

These elections in August and September, respectively, along with Moore's previous statements and lack of support at large set the tone for the general election to come.

With Moore's previous statements not being enough to disqualify him in the minds of Alabama Republicans, it almost seemed sure to be a tumultuous election to say the least.

However, on November 9th, 2017, Washington Post reported that Roy Moore had sexually harassed Leigh Corfman nearly forty years ago when she was 14 and he 42 truly threw it into question.

More accusations quickly followed, with famed lawyer Gloria Allred getting involved with one of the alleged victims, Beverly Young Nelson.

Nelson claimed to have a yearbook signed by Moore, however Allred or Young never released it.

In fact, just days before the election, Nelson admitted to forging parts of the evidence.

With other denials among other alleged victims and the timing, the allegations do not seem the most credible.

In fact, they are not in the slightest.

These accusations should have been enough to get him elected, however, on the basis that people should not accept those who spread false or unproven accusations about a man, especially on a charge as serious as sexual misconduct which has, ironically thanks to the accusations against Moore, been brought up as a major issue within our legislative halls in Washington already.

Moore, however, I argue should never have been the nominee in the first place.

Based on his above comments, people like Moore do not care about the Constitution nor do they care about rights to privacy for people.

The right to privacy and property is essentially to our Republic.

Banning homosexuality would not only infringe on privacy, but also would require a new bureaucracy and police force to enforce it which would cost money to enforce Moore's personal will.

No, the accusations are not the only reason Moore lost.

This is the line that has been drawn by decent people across Alabama and the US.

This is not to say Doug Jones is decent or will be decent as a Senator.

In fact, I feel quite the opposite, as I disagree with him on nearly every policy position.

Jones is for more gun control, heavily pro choice, and is progressive on nearly every issue.

His election will be a loss of a solid seat in the Senate that is typically good for conservatives.

However, it is a line to say to Republicans "we will take people who are not politically correct but they cannot be complete liars and bigots about it."

This is what separates President Donald Trump from Moore and those that try to attach themselves to him.

Trump, when he speaks in non PC terms, speaks in truth.

He is speaking his mind what people, in general, are feeling.

Moore, however, and others like him, exaggerate and lie about people they personally dislike to the point that they have no common sense.

Moore's views cannot be compatible with conservatism as they would involve massive government institutions to enforce, specifically the outlawing of homosexuality.

The people of Alabama should have come out in droves, however, to stop Moore from achieving this position of Republican nominee in the first place.

The death of hardcore evangelical politicians was something that had come about yet Moore tried to give it one last go, and lost a seat held by Republicans for nearly 25 years because of his nonsensical evangelism instead of rational constitutionalism based in Christian values.

Moore will go down as a lesson to Republicans and conservatives, including Trump conservatives.

Had Strange been picked, the results may not have been so up in the air.

Strange was moderate and will not be missed in the chamber, however, he would have been palatable to most of the Alabaman people when Moore was not.

The allegations aside, Moore was a weak candidate from day one.

He would have always had a tough time building a base Sessions had over the years and the allegations of sexual misconduct, no matter how non existent the evidence, certainly held him back.

This backlash will go down in history as one of the biggest screw ups the Republicans have made in over a decade and will show that not only will not all Bannonite's win election, a line has been drawn for decency for candidates in the party.

We can fight back, we can even get down and dirty, but once you are an irrational bigot on the right wing, you probably will not find success in getting your way to Washington D.C.

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