Jeff Sessions: What Does an AG Sessions Mean For The Pro-Life Movement

Jeff Sessions: What Does an AG Sessions Mean For The Pro-Life Movement


Nick Yanakas, Social Policy Contributor

President-Elect Donald Trump announced a few weeks ago his nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General. After eight years of a corrupt Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch DOJ, news of Sessions’ nomination bodes well for those who look forward to the restoration of an impartial and apolitical Justice Department. Sessions served honorably as the U.S. District Attorney for the southern district of Alabama and later was elected Attorney General for the state of Alabama. 

The media and the left (redundant, I know) have been doing what they always do: smearing and unleashing an all-out character assassination attempt against conservatives. This isn’t Sessions first time having his character-assailed either. In 1986, President Reagan nominated Sessions to be a Federal District Judge but he was not confirmed in the Senate over allegations of racism. 

Now, I could sit here and tell you how Sessions, as a U.S. Attorney, fought to desegregate schools in Alabama, or I could tell you how Sessions fought and succeeded in getting a Klansman by the name of Henry Francis Hays the death penalty for the murder of Michael Donald; a black teen targeted for his skin color. Instead, I am going to let William Smith, a man who was hired by and worked for Sessions as the first black chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, speak to the Senator’s character. 

Here he is on Fox talking about his former boss.

It is crucial that Donald Trump stands firm and not back down on this nomination. The media is attempting to assassinate Sessions’ character as a way of discouraging Trump from nominating any more conservatives to fill other positions in his administration. Assuming Sessions does get confirmed, his record shows he will be fantastic for the pro-life movement. You may recall the Center for Medical Progress released a series of damning videos showing Planned Parenthood employees admitting to harvesting the organs of aborted babies. As Live Action News noted in an article last summer, the Planned Parenthood videos demonstrated how the group violated at least four federal laws:

  1. Illegal Profiting from the Sale of Baby Parts
  2. Committing Illegal Partial-Birth Abortion
  3. Illegally Manipulating Abortion Procedures
  4. Illegally Committing Abortions with the Knowledge that the Baby Will be “Donated”

In a complete miscarriage of justice, not only did the Obama DOJ refuse to investigate Planned Parenthood or any employees from Planned Parenthood, they instead opened an investigation into the Center for Medical Progress! Meanwhile, the Harris County (TX) District Attorney Devon Anderson brought charges up against David Daleiden, the man who filmed the undercover videos and posed as a buyer of the body parts, claiming he was the one violating federal law when he was merely exposing how Planned Parenthood was acting unlawfully. Thankfully, Harris County District Judge Diane Bull, later dismissed the charges against Daleiden. 

With this miscarriage of justice in mind, that brings us to a potential DOJ run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

Life News has a good rundown of Sessions stellar pro-life record and rhetoric:

  • Sessions has a 100% pro-life voting record.
  • Sessions has voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • In regards to Roe V. Wade Sessions has said, “I firmly believe that Roe v. Wade and its descendants represent one of the worse, colossally erroneous Supreme Court decisions of all time. It was an activist decision…it was a Court that decided to politically impose their will.”
  • Sessions has opposed numerous pro-abortion judges at various levels of the federal bench including Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Sessions was named an honorary chair of Americans United for Life’s 40th anniversary gala.

What does all of this mean? I think it is safe to say that under AG Sessions, Planned Parenthood’s day of reckoning is coming sooner rather than later. 

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