Leaving Our Fighters Alone on the Battlefield

Leaving Our Fighters Alone on the Battlefield


Nick Yanakas, Social Policy Contributor

While the nation obsessively devotes its attention to the presidential race, it is important to remember there are crucial societal and cultural battles taking place at the state level that will have long-lasting ramifications for the future of the country as well. Perhaps nothing demonstrates more why we are consistently steam-rolled by the left on cultural issues than the movement’s collective ignoring and, dare I say, abandoning of North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory and North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest. 

For those unfamiliar with the situation in North Carolina, here is a timeline of the events that have unfolded leading to the supposedly ‘controversial’ bathroom bill HB2:

February 22: The Charlotte City Council, in a 7-4 vote, adds Gay and Transgender people to the list of protected classes against discrimination. This ordinance would allow people to use the bathroom or locker room in public buildings according to their ‘gender identity’ rather than their actual gender at birth. Ah, progress, isn’t it great?

March 21: NC House Speaker, Tim Moore, and Senate President (also Lt. Gov.) Dan Forest call for a special legislative session to respond to the Charlotte City Council’s ordinance. 

Match 23: The NC Legislature passes House Bill 2 and Governor Pat McCrory signs it into law. HB2 prevents local governments from superseding state law and passing their own statutes regarding gender identity and bathroom usage. Thus, HB2 nullifies the Charlotte City Ordinance allowing grown men to enter into the girl's room.

March 28: The ACLU files a lawsuit against North Carolina claiming that HB2 violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the Constitution. It's worth noting the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause is a favored vessel used by the left to constitutionalize their agenda through the bastardization of its original intent, context, and purpose with the help of post-constitutional judges and their outrageous rulings.

The current Attorney General and Democrat nominee for Governor, Roy Cooper, has said he will not enforceHB2. 

April 5: The corporate shakedown of North Carolina begins, PayPal rescinds its plan to build a $36 million dollar factory that would have created 400 jobs. 

April 8: Bruce Springsteen cancels his concert in Greensboro, NC over the law. 

July 21: The NBA announces it will move the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte.

September 12: The NCAA announces it will be moving 7 of its college basketball championship games in 2017 out of North Carolina.

September 14: The ACC announces the relocation of its championship games out of state. 

It should be noted that North Carolina is not the only state that has a so-called “bathroom bill” which leads to the question of why the NCAA, NBA, and ACC have only shown selective outrage towards North Carolina? In addition, PayPal does business, and Bruce Springsteen has performed, in countries that have horrible Human rights records. Where are their courageous stands for justice outside of North Carolina?

But I digress. 

So in summary, HB2 essentially ensures that, yes, if you’re a man, you go to the men’s room and if you are a woman, you go to the women’s room.


In all seriousness, North Carolina is facing down the militant LGBT agenda and all its’ firepower alone. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Legislature are fighting to uphold the most basic, self-evident laws of nature and civilization and they have basically been abandoned on the battlefield by the pseudo-Conservative media, and the Republican party in Washington. Consider North Carolina’s two Republican Senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. 

Senator Burr has irresponsibly claimed that this issue, an existential cultural issue, is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court system to decide, “When things get into the courts system, that's how it has to play out...I would have loved to see them work out an agreement that both sides were happy with. They either chose not to do it or couldn't.” Burr later added that Governor McCrory was “off base” when he called for the Republican congress to intervene on North Carolina’s behalf, “I’ve never seen Congress get involved in judicial matters and this is turned over to the court system now.” Senator Burr, in his condemnation of his own statewide Republicans, displays a lot of ignorance on the Constitution. Clearly, he doesn’t know that the only court that was created by the Constitution was the Supreme Court and that the District and Appellate courts were statutorily created by the first Congress in the early 1790’s. What that means is Congress has the power to legislatively disband or strip the District and Appellate level courts of jurisdiction on any given issue if it chooses to do so. What that also means is this notion that the courts are the final arbiter on all social and cultural issues, regardless of what the American people oppose or support is complete nonsense. Senator Burr has the power to act but it is evident that he doesn’t wish to defend his state and uphold common decency, understood and agreed upon for thousands of years throughout human history.  

Things don’t get any better with Senator Tillis. He released a statement in response to a constituent's concern that read in part:

I understand your concerns about HB 2. Reasonable people can disagree about these sensitive issues. Recently, the Obama administration, through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), filed a complaint against the state of North Carolina. This federal intrusion into what was essentially a state concern, using a novel interpretation of the language of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1972 and the Education Amendments of 1972, was unnecessary escalation of a conflict that I am confident the good people of North Carolina can resolve amicably. Beyond this recent DOJ action on the matter, HB 2 is a state law, and I am no longer serving in the state legislature. I would recommend that you contact your State Senator and State Representatives and share your concerns with them.

By the nature of his milquetoast response, Senator Tillis demonstrates that he doesn’t understand who and what we are up against. The good people of North Carolina cannot “amicably” resolve this because one side doesn’t want this “amicably” resolved. These are radical, hardened activists working to undermine natural law and basic decency. The only option is to defeat them, like they were in Houston last year, there is no “amicably” working with people like this. It would be nice for Senator Tillis to at least lend a voice of support for the Republicans in North Carolina, but as he astutely notes to us simpletons, he is a United States Senator and therefore cannot take a stand on a hot-button issue. Makes sense. 

Both Burr, and Tillis have “F” ratings from the Heritage Foundation (here and here), and Conservative Review (here and here), so perhaps it is not surprising they continue to fail as representatives but what is more surprising is the lack of a unified, consistent voice from Christian leaders and the pseudo-conservative media. 

With the exception of Franklin Graham, son of famous Evangelist Billy Graham, (both of whom live in North Carolina) many evangelical and Christian leaders have not paid much attention or given support to Governor McCrory,  Lieutenant Governor Forest, House Speaker Moore or the rest of our fighters who have been left behind on the battlefield. But turn on Fox News and you may see an evangelical leader stressing the importance of Trump winning to save the Supreme Court or a host stressing the importance that he wins to save our culture from the damage President Obama has unleashed the past 8 years and the damage Secretary Clinton will continue, and while you certainly don’t need to convince me how bad Hillary Clinton is, I think this all points to a larger problem within our movement. 

Before proceeding any further, I want to clarify that this is not meant to be taken as pro-Trump nor anti-Trump. Tomorrow, I will be voting for Donald Trump and I will be doing so knowing that he is a very-flawed man and not a constitutional conservative. Neither of these candidates represents my worldview, but whereas I view Trump to be insufficiently conservative and a narcissist, I view Clinton to be a threat to the republic and an unindicted felon who has, in my opinion, violated the Espionage Act. Thus, I am voting for the only candidate who can beat her.  

The problem within the conservative movement that leads us to continually lose or be on the defensive on cultural issues is that we metaphorically put all of our eggs into one basket. In this instance, many are putting theirs into the candidacy of Donald Trump. Whether or not he wins, on January 20, 2017 we will still have battles for our culture ongoing in North Carolina and all across the country and it will take a relentless, united front and a lot of intellectual firepower and willpower to take it on. Regardless of whether you plan to vote for Trump or not, both sides must unite to defend North Carolina, take on other cultural battles that will inevitably arise, and back up our fighters who are taking the hits and the pressure on behalf of our cause. 

Governor McCrory and Lt. Governor Forest are up for re-election tomorrow. They haven’t just talked, they’ve acted to defend our values and for the most part they have been repaid with silence and left to their own defenses. The current Real Clear Politics polling has McCrory down.

Let’s hope McCrory and Forest can pull it out tomorrow. If they do, it certainly won’t be because of any back-up they received from “Christian leaders” or the “conservative” media. 

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