Trump Outs Priebus, Appoints Gen. Kelly to Chief of Staff as White House Tensions Rise

Trump Outs Priebus, Appoints Gen. Kelly to Chief of Staff as White House Tensions Rise

 Image Source:  Public Domain

Image Source: Public Domain

Aric Lee Kirsten, Real Time Updates Contributor

The White House turmoil under the Trump administration continues, only six months into the presidency. On Thursday, July 27th, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus submitted his resignation to the President. Following his resignation, on Friday, President Trump appointed General John F. Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. This comes only a week after Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned. Disorder in the White House has been brewing since the presidency began.

Last week, Trump continued to shake things up by hiring businessman Anthony Scaramucci as the Communications Director for the White House. This was met with much criticism, especially from Reince Priebus who allegedly tried to block Scaramucci from being hired. Not only did Priebus oppose Scaramucci, he was also close with Sean Spicer. It’s speculated that the hiring of Scaramucci led Spicer to resign, although this is not confirmed.

Scaramucci rattled the media this week with a few different interviews, including a spectacle between himself and CNN journalist Chris Cuomo. Earlier this week, an explicit rant from Scaramucci to The New Yorker correspondent, Ryan Lizza, ended with headlines on every major media outlet. During the phone call, Scaramucci reportedly called Priebus a ‘paranoid schizophrenic.’ It was reported that Scaramucci’s financial disclosures were leaked to the press from within the White House, although the disclosures turned out to be public information.

Scaramucci took to twitter to apologize for the language used with Lizza, and affirmed his support of the President:


In a tweet, Scaramucci declared he would contact the FBI and DOJ with the identity of the leaker, even tagging Priebus in the post itself. The tweet has since been deleted but the damage to Priebus was already done, with President Trump replacing him earlier today. General John F. Kelly will now act as Chief of Staff, leaving his prior post as Secretary of Homeland Security.

President Trump had no harsh words for the departure of Priebus, tweeting:


The President also gave praise to newly appointed Chief of Staff John F. Kelly: 


With new leadership in the Chief of Staff position, it will be interesting to see what progress is made in the second half of year, and how well the President is able to work together with his administration. 

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