The CNN Bloc

The CNN Bloc

Pedro Gonzalez, Fiscal Policy Contributor

A weekend of unprecedented leftist violence at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, has resulted in 476 injured policemen, 186 arrests, 37 arrest warrants, nearly 100 vehicles set ablaze, and mass looting. However, you won’t find those facts reported by CNN. I was only able to list them here because of a press conference with the Chief of Police of Hamburg, Harmut Dudde. 

Out of curiosity, I did a search on CNN’s site of G20 coverage. CNN has made a business of conflating journalism with left-wing political agenda, so the results really shouldn’t have surprised me… but this was especially awful. After searching “G20,” I found 76 Trump-Putin posts, in contrast to 13 posts on the unprecedented left-wing violence that consumed the city.

Of the 13 posts committed to the G20 violence, seven are video updates (one is a slideshow) of the riots in which the focus seems to be police spraying protesters with water cannons—implying that the police are the bullies. In one four-minute clip, German police are portrayed as aggressors, while the left-wing extremist black bloc is portrayed as a peaceful group.

CNN curated a clip of black bloc extremists marching with their arms locked—this is outrageous. The members of the black bloc have been universally condemned as left-wing extremists by German authorities and civilians, yet CNN portrays them as peaceful activists. 

Wearing all black and covering their faces to make themselves harder to arrest, these protesters are part of a violent mob—a black bloc—that is responsible for nearly 500 injured police officers. Blocs are composed of those fighting for various vague causes, who put their differences aside and unite under the common cause of aimless destruction—kampf kapitalismus. It is illegal to attend protests in Germany with one’s face covered, because it makes it more difficult to identify extremists, and members of the bloc will attempt to blend in as peaceful demonstrators by simply removing their face covers and changing clothes after fleeing from police.

Klaus Schroeder, political science professor and extremism researcher at Freie Universität Berlin, statedthat left-wing extremists’ “Political ultimate goal is communism,” and that established politicians of the left are complicit in the violence. However, CNN’s take is that these are actually peaceful protestors who are united in their revolt of Donald Trump, according to Atika Shubert at 2:58 in the clip

If calling left-wing extremists peaceful protestors wasn’t bad enough, CNN actually ran this as a description of black blocs and their activity: “An eclectic and international mix of demonstrators peacefully tramped through the streets of Hamburg on Saturday, a show of anti-capitalist muscle in earshot of the world's top leaders who were finishing up at the G20 summit.” So left-wing extremists who beat pedestrians, attack police officers, and destroy property are “anti-capitalist muscle?” CNN’s lies rely solely on Americans not taking the time to inform themselves, because virtually every German news outlet has covered the black bloc as a left-wing extremists. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Of the 13 posts, four are articles, and in none of them does CNN refer to the Black Bloc as violent left-wing extremists. In fact, the harshest terms CNN uses to describe the extremists are “anti-capitalists”, “anti-fascists,” and leftists. The majority of the four articles are dedicated to the various “peaceful” motivations of demonstrators, implying that German police officers were the aggressors, and oh, some bits about the rioting sprinkled in. CNN selectively quotes activists who imply that the police were the instigators: "If this is all we can do just for showing our opinion and giving a statement -- and if the state forces are just shutting us up ... I mean what kind of state do we live in?” Give me a break. 

Still, it gets worse when CNN misrepresents a faceless member of the black bloc as a peaceful protester, “Twenty-five-year-old student Merle M., who declined to give her last name and was protesting over migration rights, told CNN the ‘Red Zone’ demonstrated that leaders were ‘trying to delete the right to protest.’” The “Red Zone” was an artificial border that the German police established for security purposes, protesters were not allowed within it—the black bloc was especially angry about this.

CNN has effectively become a shill for left-wing extremism, the sort of extremism that has resulted in violence from the Left here in America. While CNN is glorifying communism and vilifying law enforcement, Germans are picking up the pieces and showing their appreciation for the police officers who spent the weekend combating extremists.


Still, the wave of violence that consumed Hamburg has left many questions in its wake. If establishment left-wing politicians are complicit with extremism, as Klaus Schroeder said, at which point do media corporations like CNN become complicit as well? CNN’s bias is as flagrant as it is unethical, and it’s time they are held accountable for it.

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