President Trump Withdraws America from Paris Climate Accord

President Trump Withdraws America from Paris Climate Accord


Aric Lee Kirsten, Real Time Updates Contributor

On June 1st, President Trump issued a statement announcing that the United States will no longer take  part in the Paris climate accord. America’s resignation from this agreement will take place around 2020 and represents a follow through on one of his largest campaign promises. 

The Paris climate agreement seeks to combat global warming by capping carbon emissions and cutting fossil fuel energy, while creating more green energy. It includes 195 countries, with both China and Russia reaffirming their commitment to the accord recently. President Trump claimed that more than 2.7 million jobs could be lost by 2025, with the coal industry losing up to 38% of its positions. He also remarked that China would receive 13 years of immense carbon emission increase, while the United States would be forced to cut production in both coal and natural gas. 
He mentions that India joined the agreement on the contingency that they receive billions in foreign aid from western countries. President Trump stated that the accord is “another example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit to other countries.”

One of Trump’s main campaign promises included leaving the agreement, and saving the coal industry, which lost over 83,000 jobs during the Obama presidency

With this action, the President reaffirmed his ‘America First’ ideology. He also noted that he would be willing to work with Democratic leaders on a new agreement, or restructure the current one, as long as America’s taxpayers would come before foreign nations. The decision by the President has already created a media storm, with headlines including: Trump bailing on the Paris Agreement would be a middle finger to the future, and Trump’s Paris climate accord withdrawal worst decision of his life. The mayor of Pittsburgh took to twitter to oppose the withdrawal, after the President mentioned he was “elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”


Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer also tweeted, saying the President’s decision would be “a devastating failure of historic proportions.” 


The backlash from the left has also included Tesla founder Elon Musk, who tweeted:


While the left has demonized this decision, many conservatives have praised it, including tweets from radio talk show host Mark Levin, and Texas senator Ted Cruz.


America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement poses to stimulate the economy, according the President and many of his supporters, while others fear it could have catastrophic effects in the future. Only time will tell, for now President Trump continues his ‘America First’ mantra with decisive action and policy.

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