BREAKING: UC Berkeley Attempts to Cancel Ann Coulter Event

BREAKING: UC Berkeley Attempts to Cancel Ann Coulter Event

 Image Source:  The Daily Signal

Image Source: The Daily Signal

Eric Lendrum, Politics Contributor

In the latest battle in the War for Free Speech, UC Berkeley has struck yet another blow to the conservative movement, and particularly the Berkeley College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation.

Roughly about a week after the BCR’s decided to cancel an event with author and activist David Horowitz, the club is now under pressure to cancel another upcoming speaking event: the highly-anticipated appearance by controversial conservative firebrand Ann Coulter.

Coulter was set to speak on Thursday, April 27 on the subject of illegal immigration. Both this and the cancellation of the Horowitz event come several months after the riots that tore apart the Berkeley campus when former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak. In what was to be the final stop of Milo’s speaking tour across the U.S., the domestic terrorist group known as “Antifa” stormed the Berkeley campus, smashed windows, threw rocks into the building where he was set to speak, started fires, and assaulted attendees of the event.

The incident sparked national attention, leading to President Donald Trump commenting on the matter and threatening to pull federal funding for public universities like Berkeley if they did not uphold the students’ rights to free speech. The school’s administration came under fire for allegedly ordering the police forces to stand down that night and to not disrupt the leftist rioters.

Now, just two months later, things don’t seem to have changed for the better. Spokespeople for the CR chapter have said that the school has made the process more difficult for them to invite speakers, adding blocks such as: attempting to force their events to be at certain times of the day that were too inconvenient (such as 1 PM) as well as compelling them to host the events outdoors in a much riskier environment. The school additionally showed a reluctance to pay the security costs necessary for such high-profile speakers.

Young America’s Foundation was working with the Berkeley CR’s to fund and plan both the Horowitz and Coulter events. The official press release from the Foundation harshly criticized the UC Berkeley administration, saying:

“This is as clear-cut a case as it gets that public universities are using taxpayer dollars to shut down conservative speech, while allowing liberal speech only.”

The Foundation also maintained a tone of defiance against the university.

“We have no intention of acceding to these unconstitutional acts. The Ann Coulter lecture sponsored by Young America’s Foundation will go forward.”

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