Alabama Special Election Live Blog

Alabama Special Election Live Blog

Alabama is having the last bout of electioneering for the year 2017 to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions' former Senate seat. In the heated primary, incumbent interim Senator Luther Strange lost his seat to former Alabama Chief Justice and conservative firebrand Roy Moore.  Following this, Moore was plagued with allegations of sexual assault, throwing his election against Democrat Doug Jones into question.  Follow Aric Kirsten, Eric Lendrum, and Samuel Valk as they track the election results live!

8:00 PM EST: The polls have closed in Alabama.

Kirsten 8:08 PM EST: CNN reports Moore has an early lead with 235 votes, Democrat Doug Jones with only 68.

Valk 8:12 PM EST: New York Times reports Democrat Jones holds lead with 421 votes, Republican Roy Moore with 327.

Lendrum 8:15 PM EST: NYT reports that Jones' lead has shrunk to 434 - 359, a 9% gap.

Lendrum 8:18 PM EST: Jones' lead has decreased even further, to a narrow 2.5% gap over Moore.

Lendrum 8:22 PM EST: Early counting has started in Mobile, increasing Jones' lead again.

Lendrum 8:50 PM EST: For the first time tonight, Moore has taken the lead with a 3% margin - about 2,000 votes currently - over Jones.

Valk 8:53 PM EST: Moore still in the lead, now by around 8% points.  However, large amounts of the urban vote in the largest city Huntsville is still outstanding, which could be good for Jones.

Kirsten 8:54 PM EST: Moore continues to lead by over 500 votes. The margin between the two candidates is less than 1%.

Lendrum 9:00 PM EST: NYT projects that Moore has a 55% chance of winning, as he currently leads by 0.8%.

Valk 9:05 PM EST: With 24% of precincts in, Moore leads by 5 percentage points.

Kirsten 9:08 PM EST: Nearing 100,000 votes, Roy Moore leads democratic challenger Doug Jones by nearly 5 percentage points.

Valk 9:12 PM EST: With 29% of precincts reporting, Roy Moore is still ahead by 4 points.  However, Birmingham and surrounding Jefferson County are turning out strong for Jones, potentially creating problems for Moore.

Lendrum 9:20 PM EST: New York Times has swung its prediction back in Jones' favor, giving him a 76% chance of winning due to early counts in Birmingham.

Valk 9:22 PM EST: Counties Tuscaloosa, Colbert, and Lauderdale that were red in all Senate elections since 2010, that had early leads for Jones have not yet gone to favor Moore.  This could be a weakness for Moore when Jefferson County gets more votes counted.

Lendrum 9:27 PM EST: NYT gives Jones a 90% chance of victory.

Lendrum 9:28 PM EST: Colbert and Lauderdale counties, both of which had previously given Jones a narrow lead, have both flipped back into Moore's column.

Valk 9:37 PM EST: Mobile and Madison counties still favoring Jones even though they have traditionally been Republican.  With 62% of results, Moore is winning by 7 points according to NYT.

Lendrum 10:05 PM EST: With 81% of precincts reporting in, Moore is leading by less than 1%.

Kirsten 10:15 PM EST: FiveThirtyEight reports Jones ahead by only 0.4%, and a 2,000 vote lead.

Lendrum 10:27 PM EST: The Associated Press has called the race for Doug Jones

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