Live Blog: First Presidential Debate

Live Blog: First Presidential Debate

Elliser Silla (@ElliserSilla) Robert Petrosyan (@RobertP1287) are covering the first presidential debate!

RP 7:40 PM: Hillary said she would accept an unfavorable outcome. Trump claims he wants to Make America Great Again, and will absolutely support Hillary if she wins. 

RP 7:39 PM: Last question: Would you accept defeat if you don't win the election?

RP 7:37 PM: Hillary plays the woman card. 

RP 7:36 PM: Hillary retorts by citing her experience, but Trump claims that her experience is bad experience, and cites her failures in her record.

RP 7:35 PM: Trump - "Hillary doesn't have the presidential look, and she doesn't have the stamina to do the job as president."

RP 7:34 PM: Trump - "We cannot be the policeman of the world."

RP 7:32 PM: Hillary - "I want to, on behalf of myself and the American people, that our word is good with respect to our mutual defense treaties. If Donald is going to criticize the Iran Deal, he should tell us what his alternative should be. But it's like his plan to defeat ISIS, he claims to have a secret plan, but his secret is that he has no plan."

RP 7:30 PM: Trump - "China should go into North Korea and keep control of them. Same with Iran. There should have been provisions in the Iran deal with respect to North Korea, and with Yemen. There was also a $1.7 billion bribe paid to Iran for hostages."

RP 7:26 PM: Hillary - "It is policy of both Democrats and Republicans to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons in the world. Trump's cavalier attitude on nuclear weapons is a concern. Anyone who gets provoked by a tweet should not have access to nuclear weapons."

RP 7:23 PM: Trump - "I have much better judgement than Hillary, and much better temperament too. I think my temperament is my strongest quality."

RP 7:18 PM: Trump criticizes the Iran Deal and defends his assertion that he did not support the War in Iraq, and Lester Holt claims otherwise. It's getting heated.

RP 7:14 PM: On ISIS, Clinton suggests counter cyberattacks against ISIS, and working with Arab and Kurdish allies to defeat them. Trump criticized the power vacuum created by Obama after US withdrawal from Iraq. Wanted to leave at least 10,000 troops there and to take the oil that is now being used by ISIS.

RP 7:11 PM: Clinton attacks Russia for their cyberattacks against the US, and claims Trump is not serious on national security. Trump cites his endorsements by admirals, generals and ICE. DNC hackers don't have to be Russia, could be China or a 400 pound man in his bed. Cites Bernie Sanders being screwed by the DNC in the Democratic primary.

RP 7:08 PM: The debate has shifted towards national security, and the first question pertains to cybersecurity. 

RP 7:03 PM: Donald Trump defends his demand for Barack Obama's birth certificate, and Hillary hits back claiming that was an appeal to bigotry and is citing cases of alleged racist behavior. Defends President Obama's character. 

RP 7:00 PM: Hillary - "Yes I was home, I was preparing for the debate, and I was also preparing to be president"

RP 6:59 PM: Hillary - "No one should disagree about protecting the rights of the young men who live in those neighborhoods." Trump retorts claiming that Clinton and Democrats are not sincere about African Americans, and they use them for votes.

RP 6:57 PM: Trump - You're the one who brought up the term super-predator to describe young black males!!

RP 6:54 PM: Clinton - "If you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to own a gun." 

RP 6:51 PM: Clinton - Violent crime and property crime has been going down in recent years, but there are too many problems and consequences. 

ES 6:49 PM: Trump - "very against police judge"...starting to discuss stop and frisk and its constitutionality

S 6:48 PM: Clinton and Trump talk about recent police shootings, law and order, race relations

ES 6:45 PM: Lester Holt - we're a little bit behind schedule here

ES 6:44 PM: Trump - I'll be on Pennsylvania Avenue regardless of the election!!! We don't have people know what they're doing! *cue Rubio robot

ES 6:43 PM: Trump - I take advantage of the laws of the nation

ES 6:42 PM: Clinton wants Trump to apologize to those he negatively affected in business. How about Clinton apologizing to Benghazi victims?

ES 6:40 PM: Clinton - you haven't paid any federal income taxes! I've met the families of your victims!

ES 6:39 PM: Trump - our airports are like a third world country

ES 6:37 PM: Trump - email mistake was done purposefully, it's disgraceful!

ES 6:35 PM: Clinton accusing Trump on taxes, but Trump calls himself smart!

ES 6:34 PM: Trump - CLINTON, RELEASE YOUR 33,000 EMAILS!!!

ES 6:34 PM: Trump will release taxes as soon as audit is done
othing to see here...

ES 6:32 PM: Trump accusing the Fed of being more political than Clinton

ES 6:31 PM: Trump - our country is suffering because of people like Clinton

ES 6:30 PM: Reaganomics doesn't work, according to Clinton, but GDP growth was just above 7% in 1984 (that's a fact!)

ES 6:28 PM: Trump - no leadership in Washington, that all starts in Clinton

ES 6:27 PM: Trump - the rich will create jobs

ES 6:26 PM: Trump - Douglas MacArthur wouldn't like Clinton's plan to fight ISIS. You've been fighting ISIS your entire life!! Clinton - go fact check, everybody at home!!!
So hilarious...

ES: 6:24 PM: Trump - you have no plan! Your regulations are a disaster!!!

ES: 6:22 PM: Clinton trying to defend her record on trade deals

ES 6:20 PM: Trump - excuse me!!!

ES: 6:19 PM: Trump - I believe in all forms of energy, but all our energy policies are a disaster. Clinton can't do what she wants to do with all the debt accumulated under Obama

ES: 6:17 PM: Trump - "it's called business!"

ES: 6:16 PM: Clinton - Trump rooted for the housing crisis...

ES: 6:15 PM: Trump - don't let the jobs leave!

ES: 6:13 PM: Trump - we need to have business-like thinking when it comes to our economic policies! No attacks on Clinton...yet

ES: 6:12 PM: Clinton attacking Trump on his tax plan, "Trumped-up trickle down" economics. How will Trump respond? Calmly or vigorously?

ES 6:09 PM: Trump, same talking points about Mexico and China, devaluing currencies, very disciplined, but granted, it's only the opening statement. "We have to stop our companies from leaving the US."

ES 6:09 PM: "Donald, it's good to be with you" - Clinton

ES 6:07 PM: Achieving Prosperity and Jobs section, Clinton opening statement, Trump looks bored, as if she's just uttering "blah blah blah"

ES 6:06 PM: Candidates about to be introduced on the stage! Applause!!!

ES 6:01 PM: It's beginning!!!

ES 5:57 PM: Lester Holt doing a little bit of an introduction

ES 5:56 PM: Everybody's arriving in the debate hall! Clinton and Trump's families

ES 5:55 PM: Welcome to TMR’s coverage of the first presidential debate! We’re glad you could join us!

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