Terrorism, Immigration, and Security

Terrorism, Immigration, and Security

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Viraktep Ath and Ashley Estebo

On Saturday, September 17, a homemade bomb went off in Manhattan, New York injuring 29 people. Hours later, reports of a second device found four blocks away from the original blast site was reported to be similar in make. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, like all good leftists, were quick to initially try and dispel the notion that these events were in any way terror related. Yet, according to an article in The New York Time’s, “Tests showed that the explosive material in the 23rd Street bomb [the first bomb] was similar to a commercially available compound called Tannerite.” Though this particular compound is easy to purchase in the US, it is rarely ever used in amateur homemade bombs, which only makes the circumstances of this bombing that much more suspicious. The article goes on to say, “ It is unclear why Mr. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio dismissed with such certainty a tie to international terror...[when this type of bomb] would be the high end of sophistication for I.E.D.s in the United States.” So even though New York’s leftists hesitated to give “easy answers” by calling these events “terrorist attacks,” (apparently calling something what it is, is just too "easy" now) the facts stacked up against them one by one.

On Monday, law enforcement officials caught the man suspected of planting the bombs: Ahmad Khan Rahami. This happened only after Rahami fired on the police and engaged in a shootout with law enforcement resulting in two cops being shot and Rahami himself being shot. Rahami has since been charged with 5 counts of attempted murder of police officers and FBI sources say he is “directly linked” to the Manhattan bomb, the second bomb in NYC, and two different bombs that had been found in Seaside, NJ and near a train station in Elizabeth, NJ.

Today, CNN reported that Rahami’s wife left the US days before the bombings. And this morning, the FBI brought in Rahami’s father for questioning. Rahami’s father is reported to have called the authorities on his son two years ago alerting them that he believed his son was a terrorist after Rahami got into a fight with one of his brothers and stabbed the man. Rahami is still refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

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Ahmad, a naturalized citizen of the United States, came to the country as a child immigrant from Afghanistan. His radicalized behavior began when he made frequent trips to Afghanistan four years ago. According to the New York times, after his visits, “Rahami started growing a beard, wearing traditional Muslim clothing, and praying at work”. In addition, CNN reported that a year long visit to Pakistan resulted in his marriage to a Pakistani woman. 

We are a nation at war with a radical group of individuals who seek the destruction of western society and culture. Concerning the attacks perpetrated by Ahmad, this is but one of the many cases of American Muslims being radicalized to commit acts of violence in the name of Islam. The issue of immigration concerning Muslim immigrants into the country should be viewed as an issue of national security rather than political correctness and blind humanitarianism. 

War is ugly. When a nation is at war, a nation must have strong leadership, a wartime leader to guide the nation to victory. In the last eight years of Obama’s so called leadership, the American people have seen the crumble of American identity, sovereignty, values, and strength and the advance of Islamic terror and havoc around the world. Attacks by “Radical Islamic Terrorists” such as Ahmad Khan Rahami will not change until the Democratic Party is out of power. For too long, the Left has made excuses and sheltered the very enemies that seek to destroy us all. It is time for Americans to come together once again, and be Americans. Too much is at risk, and the future of western society is dependent upon it. 

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Terence Crutcher

Terence Crutcher