Live Blog: Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall Format)

Elliser Silla (@ElliserSilla) and Kimo Gandall (@Kimo_Gandall) will be covering the second presidential debate!

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ES 7:49 Debate has already ended. It was surprising that it ended on a relatively positive note. In terms of the debate as a whole, I don't think Trump did anything to recover from the negative coverage his campaign has been getting for the past few days. He did have a few memorable sound bites/moments attacking Clinton, which elicited an audience response.

ES 7:36 Trump - "Hillary doesn't quit, doesn't give up, she's a fighter, I disagree what she's fighting for, I disagree with her judgment, but she doesn't quit."

KG 7:34 Clinton says she respects Trump’s children.

ES 7:33 One more question: would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?

KG 7:31 Clinton argues that Trump is purchasing illegal steel. She further argues that America is energy independent, and that natural gas is a vital tool to energy independence.

KG 7:29 Trump argues that the EPA is destroying American energy industries --- he further explains that coal can support the US for the next 1000 years, and that natural gas and other energy companies will rejuvenate the economy.

ES 7:29 Question turns to energy use.

ES 7:28 Trump wants a Supreme Court justice in the mold of Scalia, justices who will respect the Constitution, the Second Amendment, etc. Trump then pivots to attacking Clinton on the use of money in politics.

KG 7:23 Clinton argues that selecting a supreme court justice should be based on real life experience. She further argues that the court should reverse the supreme court’s Citizen’s United case. She then explains that a Supreme court justice must support Roe vs. Wade.

ES 7:24 Topic turns to Supreme Court justices.

KG 7:21 In response to the question against Trump’s 3 AM tweets, Trump cites the 600 requests for help the ambassador sent Clinton from Benghazi and how she doesn’t have the discipline to ‘answer the call.’

KG 7:20 Trump: “We have a nation divided.” He explains that Clinton’s comments of ‘hatred’ will only further divide the country.

KG 7:18 Clinton apologizes that she called Trump supporters ‘deplorables’. Clinton argues that Bernie Sanders and her at least ran a campaign on policies.

G 7:16 Clinton argues she supports families, and that as a lawyer she worked against discrimination. She further explains that she helped Latino voters register. She then gives an irrelevant anecdote about an Ethiopian immigrant and argues that children are being negatively affected by Trump. She then blames bullying on Trump.

ES 7:16 Trump says that he will be a president for all people, those in the inner cities, etc...

S 7:14 Question comes up, can you be a "devoted" president for all people?

KG 7:11 Clinton basically supports the status quo --- she argues that ISIS will be eliminated from Iraq before she is president. She further argues that the US should arm the Kurds to fight ISIS.

ES 7:09 Trump - "I think that Aleppo has fallen." Trashes recent announcement that there will be an attack on Mosul, "why couldn't it be a surprise?" Raddatz tries to refute Trump, basically an intervention by a moderator against a candidate.

KG 7:06 Trump explains that while Clinton talks tough, her plan always backfires. Trump cites the failure of Libya, and the failure of Clinton foreign policy in middle east. He then explains that the Iranian deal is a total failure.

KG 7:02 Clinton argues that the situation in Syria is faulted to Assad, the Iranians, and the Russians. Clinton argues that the Russians aren’t fighting ISIS, and that she would establish a ‘no-fly’ zone. She then goes back to her Russian conspiracy that Putin is trying to help Trump wins.

ES 7:03 Topic turns to Syria Civil War, new question, "what would you do about Syria and humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, isn't it like the Holocaust when the US was too late to help?"

KG 7:00 Clinton argues that she could never eliminate the ‘carried interest’ tax policy because of a Republican president. She then rediverts the debate back towards healthcare, and argues that she passed safe dosing laws --- in doing so, she virtually ignores the Trump objection on her wealthy benefactors. She further argues that she can be bipartisan, and work with both sides.

KG 6:57 Trump admits that he avoided taxes, but argues that at least he’s honest with his actions. He further argues that Clinton will only continue the status quo that will benefit her wealthy benefactors.

ES 6:57 Clinton - "The gains have all gone to the top...that is wrong...nobody can get away without paying his fair share."

KG 6:55 Clinton attempts to argue Trump lives in an alternate reality and that his plan will only help large corporations --- an ironic argument, considering only 1% of Trump’s campaign is collected through super PACs. Clinton then argues that she has always tried to close loopholes.

KG 6:53 Trump argues that ‘carried interest’ needs to be eliminated --- he admits he takes advantage of the tax code, but that Hillary is maintaining the tax system to help her corporate friends. He explains that his plan will include lowering taxes, while Clinton’s plan will raise taxes.

ES 6:53 Question turns to tax policy.

ES 6:51 Trump - "I don't know who Putin is, maybe there is no hacking, I know nothing about the inner workings of Russia."

ES 6:48 Discussion turns to recent emails from WikiLeaks. Clinton talks about Abraham Lincoln and doesn't address allegations of duplicity in the emails, but pivots to Russian hacking, possible Russian influence into the election.

ES 6:47 Trump - "Clinton has so bad judgment, she should never be president of the United States."

ES 6:44 Clinton - "How do we expect to implement a religious test? What Trump said was extremely unwise." She says that terrorists use Trump's statements to recruit.

ES 6:43 Trump attacks importing multitude of Syrian refugees into the country, advocates for tougher vetting, refugees could be a Trojan horse.

ES 6:42 Trump - "Captain Khan is an American hero."

KG 6:39 Clinton argues that successful Muslims contribute to the community, and that Trump is contributing to islamophobia. Clinton argues she wants to defeat ISIS --- an ironic statement considering she supported overthrowing the Libyan government, a collapse that lead to ISIS groups taking control in the country.

KG 6:37 Trump concedes that islamophobia is a problem; he argues, however, that Muslims entering the country are a potential threat. He also argues that Muslims need to report terrorists --- he further argues that Hillary and Obama won’t recognize radical islamic terrorism.

ES 6:37 New topic, regarding Muslims, radical Islamic terrorism.

KG 6:34 Clinton argues that the affordable care act works for the poor --- a funny statement considering she just previously conceded that premiums are too high! She finishes her argument stating that it just needs to be ‘fixed.’

ES 6:33 Trump - "Obamacare is a total disaster, rates are going up, deductibles are going up."

KG 6:32 Trump argues that Healthcare is a complete failure --- he brings up the deficit as proof that the plan is not sustainable. He argues that healthcare plans need to be competitive, and pledges that his plan would be private. He further points out the failure of Canada.

KG 6:28 Hillary argues that Trump is lying. She then redirects the question, and asks for more audience questions.

KG 6:26 Trump wittingly rebuts Hillary, arguing that is amazing how she never knew about the ‘c’ on the emails. He further brings up that the emails were only deleted after the subpoena was issued.

KG 6:25 Clinton responds to the email scandal by apologizing for destroying the emails. She further states, however, that the evidence is misleading, as her server was never hacked, and classified materials never ended up in the wrong hands.

ES 6:24 Anderson Cooper: Scolds the audience for cheering.

KG 6:24 Clinton asks the audience to fact search Trump.

G 6:21 Trump responds to Clinton’s attack, arguing that Clinton released pictures of Obama in an Arabic garb. Trump brings up the DNC scandal, arguing that Clinton should be apologizing to Bernie supporters. He then further argues that she should apologize for her deleted emails. Trump then states that if elected, he will hire a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s cases.

ES 6:21 Trump fires back, "you owe Obama an apology due to Blumenthal."

ES 6:19 Clinton also gets applause, further attacks Trump.

KG 6:19 Clinton argues that Trump’s argument is non-topical. She then brings back the Trump locker room scandal, arguing that Trump never apologizes to anyone, such as his attacks on Mr. and Mrs. Khan’s religion, or his attack on the judge for his ethnicity.  She further argues that Trump has used racist lies as rhetoric.

ES 6:19 Trump gets applause.

G 6:17 Trump reiterates that his ‘locker room banter’ is nothing in compared to Bill Clinton’s actions with women. He further states that Hillary supported these actions, and that she helped rapists escape justice.

KG. 6:15 Trump responds to Clinton’s attack on his ‘fitness to serve’ by attacking Clinton’s past, such as her failed policies that have resulted in poverty.

ES 6:13 Clinton talks about Trump's insults toward women, laundry list of things he has said. Pivots to Trump's attacks on Muslims, immigrants, etc... "This is not who we are" as a country.

ES 6:12 Trump - "I have great respect for women." Trump is embarrassed by his comments in the video.

KG 6:10 Cooper questions Trump on his statement from the locker room. Trump responds that it’s a non-issue in comparison to the horrors of ISIS.

ES 6:08 Trump responds that he agrees with Clinton on what she was just talking about, nothing about the recently revealed videos though. Trump seems to be more calm, and not bombastic.

KG. 6:06 Clinton responds that she hopes to ‘celebrate diversity.’ Claims she is optimistic --- pledges affordable education.

KG 6:05 First question to Clinton from Patrice Brock. Brock asks Clinton if she is modeling appropriate behavior for students.

KG 6:04 Candidates enter the stage.

ES 6:03 Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper are starting the debate!

ES 6:02 PM Women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape are sitting in the front row.

ES 6:00 PM The stage is set!

ES 5:44 PM The second presidential debate is almost here, and it goes without saying that the events of the past few days are on everybody's minds as Trump and Clinton begin to attack each other again. Obviously, I'm referring to the recently revealed videos of Trump uttering obscenities toward women. The media coverage on this issue as you know has been relentless, and undoubtedly the Clinton camp is cheering. What once seemed to be a tightening race will surely turn into Clinton's favor. During this debate, it will be hard for Trump to "win" against Clinton. Instead, he will just have to survive.

Best. Debate. Ever

Best. Debate. Ever

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