Live Blog: Vice Presidential Debate

Live Blog: Vice Presidential Debate

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Elliser Silla (@ElliserSilla) and Robert Petrosyan (@RobertP1287) are covering the vice presidential debate here!

You can live-stream the debate here.

ES 7:35 PM Debate ends!!

RP 7:35 PM Mike Pence responds to the same question by claiming to bring change to Washington DC and bring the necessary leadership to do just that

RP 7:33 PM Kaine claims that Hillary was widely respected on in DC by politicians on both sides of the aisle and has a track record of bipartisanship, and he also worked with a Republican legislature when he was governor of Virginia

ES 7:31 PM Next question, how can Clinton-Kaine unify the country?

ES 7:30 PM Pence is proud to stand with Trump, with life, "we need to create a culture of life"

ES 7:28 PM Kaine defends Roe vs Wade, "you should live your moral values...but government shouldn't punish women who make their own reproductive choices"

RP 7:27 PM Pence gives an example of himself as being pro-life, and also pro-adoption

RP 7:24 PM Kaine says that he was at a dilemma because he opposed the death penalty for religious reasons but still upheld it because it was the law and the will of the people

ES 7:23 PM Discussion now pivots to faith in politics

ES 7:22 PM Discussion now turns back to North Korea

ES 7:20 PM Kaine defends Clinton Foundation, attacks Trump Foundation

RP 7:17 PM Pence addresses Kaine’s criticisms over Trump’s tax returns, and then hits the Clintons for the Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars she received, which influenced her judgment as secretary of state.

ES 7:16 PM Topic turns to North Korea and Iran, nuclear weapons

ES 7:15 PM Kaine - the reason why the Russian reset didn't work was Putin, the dictator

RP 7:12 PM Donald Trump will command more respect from Putin because of strength. America is stronger than Russia.

ES 7:10 PM Kaine attacks Trump's positions on Russia and on his praise for Putin and Russian elements in Trump's campaign, pivots to Trump's taxes again

ES 7:07 PM Kaine - Pence is asking people to vote for someone he can't defend

ES 7:06 PM Kaine repeats talking points about Clinton's foreign policy, but Pence retorts back, attacking the Iran nuclear deal

ES 7:02 PM Kaine - During 9/11, "Clinton went to Washington to help rebuild her city, but Trump was fighting to avoid paying taxes...Trump will not support troops, veterans"

RP 7:00 PM Mike Pence criticizes the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and the failure of the Russian reset button.

ES 6:58 PM Moderator continues to be annoyed at Pence and Kaine's arguing, shifts topic to Syrian Civil War, Aleppo

RP 6:54 PM Debate shifts to Syrian refugees. Kaine criticizes the plan to ban refugees based on country of origin or religion, and Pence counters that the FBI is unable to vet the refugees 100% and cannot verify who the refugees are.

ES 6:52 PM Kaine and Pence brawl over refugees

ES 6: 51 PM Next question - what are your tools to prevent terrorist attacks at home?

RP 6:48 PM Mike Pence: “America is less safe today than the day Obama became president.”

RP 6:47 PM Kaine - Hillary Clinton is better for terrorism because she was experienced as Secretary of State and was part of the team that killed bin Laden

ES 6:45 PM Shift to terrorism, do you think the world is more dangerous than 8 years ago?

RP 6:40 PM Mike Pence supports border security and law and order, and those who have committed crimes must be removed before dealing with those who remain.

RP 6:38 PM Tim Kaine then lists off a laundry list of controversial Donald Trump statements.

ES 6:38 PM Topic turns to immigration

ES 6:37 PM Kaine talks about Trump's insults to retort back at Pence, "I cannot believe that Pence will defend the insult-driven campaign of Trump."

ES 6:36 PM Pence - "let's not assume the worst in police officers, they are a force for good"

ES 6:34 PM More tangling between Kaine and Pence, brawl over police bias

RP 6:33 PM Pence then criticizes those who accuse police of being racist, and there is an exchange on this topic.

ES 6:31 PM "Police officers are the best of us, community policing is also a good idea" - Pence

RP 6:30 PM Tim Kaine promotes community policing and cites his record in lowering crime rates in Virginia.

ES 6:28 PM Next topic: race relations, do we ask too much of police in this country?

RP 6:27 PM: Tim Kaine accuses Trump and Pence of wanting to privatize social security, and Pence retorts by criticizing the Democrats of promoting scare tactics.

ES 6:25 PM Moderator wants to talk about Social Security, becomes frustrated that Pence and Kaine are talking over each other

ES 6:21 PM Pence deflects from Trump tax returns question, pivots to Clinton's policies
RP 6:19 PM Tim Kaine: “Do you want a you’re hired president? Or a you’re fired president?”

ES 6:16 PM Now the topic is about the economy. Pence defending his record in Indiana, and attacking Kaine's record, and tying him to Clinton's avalanche of regulations

RP 6:14 PM Quite a few interruptions by Senator Kaine in response to criticisms of the Clinton Foundation.

ES 6:12 PM Pence - Clinton's policies have endangered the world.
And there's a little bit of tangling between the two regarding Putin.

ES 6:11 PM Kaine - Trump always puts himself first, how can Pence agree with Trump's policies?

RP 6:08 PM Mike Pence responds with a critique of the Obama administration.

RP 6:06 PM First question, what makes each candidate most qualified to be president in the event of tragedy to the president. Tim Kaine answers by supporting Hillary Clinton’s qualifications, and claims he was chosen because he was someone who can make the lives of Americans better.

ES 6:04 PM Kaine will be first to answer the opening question, and here, the candidates are on stage!

ES 6:01 PM The candidates have arrived!

ES 5:51 PM The vice presidential debate is almost upon us. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) will go head-to-head in their one and only matchup of the general election season. It will be particularly interesting to watch this debate without the presence of either Clinton or Trump. Typically and historically, the role of a VP candidate is to be a fierce attack dog, but both Kaine and Pence haven't been playing that role during the general election campaign. Tonight, they will both have to debate under the shadow of their running mates, defending them at at all costs. Will Pence rigorously defend Trump amidst the Miss Universe controversy and the recent NYT article about Trump's 1995 tax returns? Will Kaine be able to turn around Clinton's abysmal trustworthy numbers?

A Prepared Pence Wins The Debate

A Prepared Pence Wins The Debate

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