Live Blog: Third Presidential Debate

Live Blog: Third Presidential Debate

Elliser Silla (@ElliserSilla) and Kimo Gandall (@Kimo_Gandall) are covering the third and final presidential debate!

To live-stream the last showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas, click here!

ES 6:00 The last debate is almost here!

ES 6:03 Chris Wallace, the debate moderator, is talking right now, discussing the format, etc...!

ES 6:04 Candidates come in...and they don't handshake, like the last debate.

ES 6:05 First topic: Supreme Court

ES 6:06 HRC "feels strongly" that Supreme Court needs to be on the side of the American people, "stand up on behalf of women's to Citizens United..."

ES 6:07 HRC, Supreme Court should represent "all of us," whatever that means, argues for confirmation of Garland

ES 6:08 DT - The Supreme Court "is what it's all about," mentions Justice Ginsburg's attacks on DT, Supreme Court needs to defend 2nd Amendment, and all amendments

KG 6:11 Clinton promises to uphold the second amendment, and then pivots to support regulating guns.

KG 6:12 Trump argues that Clinton was against the Heller case. Clinton concedes this was true, and tries to argue she was angry because toddlers might get guns.

ES 6:15 Supreme Court discussion pivots to abortion

KG 6:15 Trump argues that Roe vs. Wade will be thrown out by his Supreme Court, and the issue will go back to the states.

KG 6:17 Hillary pledges to defend planned parenthood, even at the expense of innocent lives.

ES 6:18 DT attacks HRC's policies on abortion, "it's not okay with me"..."you can rip the baby out of the womb...that's not acceptable"

ES 6:20 Subject turns to immigration

ES 6:21 So far, no personal insults, DT seems to be doing well articulating his arguments

KG 6:22 Trump argues that children are being murdered en mass by illegals, and that drugs are pouring across the border. He further argues that heroine and other drugs are destroying communities. Trump pledges to build the wall.

KG 6:23 Hillary argues that there should not be a deportation force, but that there should be border security. She does pledge, however, to deport violent individuals. Hillary further accuses that Trump ‘choked’ in Mexico.

KG 6:26  Trump argues that Hillary also wanted the wall at one point.

ES 6:27 DT - "Obama has deported millions of people, but HRC doesn't want to mention that...HRC is for open borders"

KG 6:27 Trump argues that ‘we either have a border or we don’t.’ He further promises to speed up the immigration policy. He continues, arguing that the illegal immigration process is unfair to legal immigrants.

ES 6:28 Chris Wallace brings up "open border" reference in HRC's speech in Wikileaks, HRC discusses that, and then changes the subject and pivots to Russia's culpability, like in the past week

KG 6:31 Trump pledges he is not aligning himself with Putin.

ES 6:32 Now the arguing and talking over each other is escalating...

KG 6:32 Hillary argues that a foreign government has never tried to intervene in American elections --- ironic, considering the that she tooks millions from the Saudis.

ES 6:33 DT unequivocally condemns Russian (or any other country) interference in US elections..."HRC has been outplayed by Putin"

ES 6:35 Candidates are now talking about defense, security, nuclear weapons

S 6:37 Discussion now turns to the economy

ES 6:37 HRC wants to make the rich pay "their fair share" for funding college

ES 6:40 Trump briefly attacks HRC's economic plans, pivots to talking about US defending Asian nations, NATO, US needs them to financially contribute, Trump then talks about making new trade deals, lambasts NAFTA, cutting taxes "massively"

KG 6:42 Hillary argues that the US is on the path to eliminate the debt --- odd considering we have $19 trillion in it. She further argues that the US needs ‘skill’ training.

KG 6:45 Hillary praises Obama for saving the US economy.

ES 6:46 DT - The anemic recent jobs report should make me win this election easily!

KG 6:48 Hillary claims she was against the TPP, even though she called it the ‘gold standard.’ She further argues that Trump bought Chinese steel instead of American steel.

KG 6:49 Trump argues that the US will be “in some mess” if Hillary is elected, citing her lack of ability to accomplish anything significant.

KG 6:50 Hillary claims that her experience makes her qualified over Trump.

KG 6:51 Trump argues that he will run the US just like his company, and will prevent ISIS from expanding.

ES 6:52 New subject, fitness to be president

KG 6:52 Trump explains that there is no proof to the recent 9 women claiming he groped them. Trump then brings up the Wikileaks, which exposed the Clinton campaign for paying people to incite riots.

KG 6:55 Hillary rants on that Trump hates women.

ES 6:55 HRC is talking in a calm voice, I think this is intentional in order to make a contrast with Trump, so that she can try to make herself look better.

ES 6:57 DT - HRC is running a "sleazy" and "crooked" campaign, pivots to HRC's emails and lies, HRC "gets away with it...that's what we should be talking about"

KG 6:58 Hillary continues her rant against Trump, claiming he is offensive.

ES 7:00 HRC defends her work as Secretary of State and defends herself against allegations of pay-for-play, "I am thrilled to talk about the Clinton Foundation...I'm so proud of the work that it does," DT forcibly interrupts, saying that the foundation is a "criminal enterprise"

KG 7:02 Trump argues that Hillary has been bought off by foreign oppressive countries.

KG 7:03 Hillary argues her organization spends 90% on charity

ES 7:05 More tangling between candidates, moderator, discussion now deals with Trump's tax returns, Trump attacks Clinton's work as a US Senator

ES 7:06 DT - the media is so dishonest, but the voters see through it, DT talks about whether he will accept the results of the November election, attacks Clinton as someone "who should not be allowed to run," in that respect, the race is "rigged"

ES 7:10 HRC attacks DT's claims of a "rigged" election, DT retorts and once again attacks HRC

ES 7:11 Discussion now talks about Middle East hotspots, in light of the current fight to retake Mosul

ES 7:11 HRC - American forces should not play an occupying role after Mosul is retaken

KG 7:12 Trump brings up that the element of surprise is gone from American military strategy. He further argues that Mosul will be a bloody battle, and that ISIS have left the city.

ES 7:16 HRC - "we need to go after ISIS leadership...get rid of their fighters in's going to be tough," furthermore, after retaking Mosul, "we need to take back Raqqa in Syria"

ES 7:18 DT brings up Wikileaks, attacks HRC and brings up John Podesta's and Bernie Sanders' attacks on HRC, "I agree with them"

ES 7:20 Discussion turns to Aleppo

KG 7:20 Trump argues that Aleppo, from any pragmatic perspective, has fallen. Trump further argues that overthrowing Assad will accomplish nothing. He further explains that many Syrian refugees are ISIS sympathizers.

KG 7:22 Hillary pledges to have a no fly zone over Syria, in order to create ‘safe zones.’ Hillary further argues that the US needs to let in Syrian refugee, although vetting is justified.

ES 7:24 DT - "Our country is outplayed by Putin, Assad, Iran...our leadership is so stupid."

S 7:25 Discussion turns to national debt

ES 7:25 DT - GDP growth can go to 5% or 6%, "we will take back jobs...we have to use our great people...we will create an economic machine which hasn't been seen in many decades"

KG 7:28 Hillary argues that her plan won’t cost a ‘single penny’ to the debt. She further argues that Trump’s message on America is not unique to the modern America.

KG 7:30 Trump pledges that his plan’s economic growth will substitute the increasing cost of entitlements. He also argues that repealing Obamacare will reduce costs.

ES 7:34 HRC's final statement - "I know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country...I will stand up for families...I will do what I can to provide good jobs...I hope you give me a chance to serve as president"

KG 7:35 PM Trump argues that Hillary’s argument that she will stand up to corporations is ironic since she raises so much money from them. Trump further explains the failures of our society --- the destruction of inner cities, the failure of veteran welfare, and the failure of Obama --- can all be solved through conservative policies. Make America Great Again

S 7:36 Debate ends, no handshake between HRC and DT, at least not yet

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