Millennials Have Spoken: Hillary Sucks

Millennials Have Spoken: Hillary Sucks

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Lily Mackay, Social Media Editor

Not to be misleading: Hillary is not losing the youth vote to Trump. She isn’t. He is generally more hated amongst millennials than she is. However, Hillary Clinton has nowhere NEAR the monopoly she ought to have on the millennial vote and both she as well as her staff know it.  

Her solution? Al Gore! Every millennial’s favorite 68 year old.

Did we transport back to the 1990s? Between the chokers and Gore campaigning for Clinton, all we need now are some tamagotchis and I’ll have believed our entire planet somehow ended up in John Cusack’s hot tub time machine.  

So do millennials ACTUALLY know who Mr. Gore is? Unfortunately, there are no scientific polls to support either side. However, Circa made their own video in an effort to seek out some answers, asking millennials if they had any idea who Al Gore was, or if they felt he was relevant. The general consensus? Not so much. Watch HERE.

If many millennials don’t even know who he is, and even fewer consider him to be culturally relevant, then how did we end up here? How did Hillary decide to pick someone just as old and irrelevant as herself to appeal to the rising masses of younger voters? Setting aside for a moment the ridiculousness of his constantly-changing climate disaster arguments, Hillary still couldn’t find someone more appropriate to the audience? Even CNN, a network easily considered to be one on board with Gore’s core arguments, states in an article entitled Millennials Won’t Listen to Al Gore:

Clinton’s biggest challenge with young voters, who tend to lean left, and who should be on board with many of her policies, is that she represents the old guard. Gore only will underscore this problem. He’s the very oldest of the old guard.

The Clinton/Gore team represents all of the political corruption that millennials are tired of and have been rebelling against. Millennials have rebelled in two directions: the conservative constitutional direction or the socialist Bernie Sanders direction. Hillary is neither of these and pulling in Gore as a desperate attempt to reverse her negative image amongst young voters only serves to drive her further apart from them.  

Unfortunately, none of this gives us an answer to the question of how we got here. Why did Hillary’s desperate attempt at pertinence land us with someone guaranteed to relegate her even further into inconsequence? Personally, I find myself continually shocked by Hillary’s inability to win favorable points, even despite her clear desperation to win and unpropitious opponent -- one so unpopular that any Democratic candidate had only dreamed of running against. One might say this was an election served to her on a golden platter and yet here she is, unable to snatch a resounding victory.  

Jonah Goldberg makes the argument in the Chicago Tribune that it’s a little ridiculous to try to assume that one can know everything about a group of people (especially 74 million Americans) just by their date of birth. But still, it will continue to happen. He then observes:

Gore may help Clinton with millennials who consider him the pope of the Church of Environmentalism (just as septuagenarian socialist Bernie Sanders might help with millennial socialists). Millennials who think Gore is a plodding, sanctimonious huckster might say, ‘Hey it’s the ManBearPig guy!

Count us into the the latter group.  

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