The War Within Us

The War Within Us


“America! America! God shed his grace on thee, Till selfish gain no longer stain, The banner of the free.” These song lyrics powerfully display the idea that God has blessed the United States with a duty, the duty to seek freedom through righteousness in him. Though many have failed in the pursuit of freedom, the United States of America has shown through many trials and tribulations, that we as a nation have always come together in the defense of freedom and liberty. Unlike other nations, here, we as a country are able to put away our selfish desires of pride and power in order to build a nation built upon the idea of the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; endowed on us by our almighty creator. Today, our values as Americans are being twisted into an ideology that goes against the very principles that this nation was found on. Groups like Antifa, the KKK, and the Alt-right plague our nation with thoughts that are derived from hate and ignorance.

The events in Charlottesville, VA have shown that there is a real and prevalent movement within the United States by certain radical groups to completely disregard the Constitution and the true values of being an American. Antifa promotes violence in pursuit of their leftist, anti-fascism ideology while the KKK and alt-right stand for racism in order to pursue their vision of a nation dominated by white supremacy. Although these groups are on the complete opposite sides of the spectrum, they have a like-minded philosophy. They seek to use violence and hate-speech to achieve their anti-American goals which ultimately means, they have no place here in America. Our Constitution is exalted as the greatest document put forth by man because it outlines clearly that rights, liberty, and freedom are guaranteed to all men and women, not just certain groups of people, or certain racial groups. 

A true American stands for freedom and liberty for all; no matter what ethnicity gender, or religion.  It is easy to get caught up in the ideas that these radical groups preach, but we, as Americans, must stand firm in our beliefs, because morals, truth, and the American spirit have stood, and will stand, the test of time. If we continue to promote radical ideologies put forth by groups like Antifa and the Alt-right, then we will lose everything that our nation stands for. America is a country that prides itself on individuals who seek freedom and the opportunity to build a future. We are great because we have a diverse nation with people who bring forth different talents. If we support radical philosophies like Antifa and white supremacy, we completely disregard the individual and rather create a dangerous society prone to mayhem. 

It is time that Americans decide which road they want to travel down. One way leads to the destruction of America, as a whole, and the other way leads to a revival of the American spirit. At the end of the day, we all unite under one flag, one constitution, and a specific set of values. Are we as Americans willing to give up everything we have fought for and believe in to follow ideologies that have been tried and have failed or are we going to put aside our differences because we all believe and trust in what this country stands for?  I have faith that our nation will find a way to settle our differences because we understand that there is no other country in the world like the United States of America. 

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