Why You, as an American, Should Support Israel


Since its founding in 1948, the State of Israel has been a constant source of controversy due to its supposedly negative presence in the Arab-dominated Middle East. Israel has been called an apartheid state, accused of numerous war crimes, and hit with dozens of UN resolutions condemning the state. In fact, the UN’s “more than 70” anti-Israel resolutions comprise almost half of the UN Human Rights Council’s resolutions. What has Israel done that it requires such sever condemnation from the UN, even though three of its prime ministers have received Nobel Peace Prizes?

The answer is nothing. Israel is a modern-day democracy with true equality and freedom greater than anywhere else in the Middle East, and there is no clear, unbiased argument against Israel. Here’s three reasons why we as Americans should fight unjustified anti-Israel bias.

Israel is America’s Strongest Ally

In 2014, the 113rd U.S. Congress passed H.R. 938, which classified Israel as a “major strategic partner” of the U.S. This title has not been given to any other nation in the world, not even to members of NATO. The bill unanimously passed the Senate and was signed by President Obama on December 19, 2014. This bill ensures that the US and Israel will work together on nearly every platform, including intelligence, cyber security, water, agriculture, defense, and alternative fuel. The overall goals are shared technology benefitting both countries and peace in the Middle East.

Israel is the ONLY true democracy in the Middle East

For all of its existence, Israel has been a consistent beacon of democracy, equality, and justice for all. It is not at all the warzone with Palestinians constantly being murdered that the media portrays it as. This equality extends not just to Israel’s Jewish majority but also to Palestinians in the country. Arabs in Israel serve as doctors, judges, mayors, and businessmen. They’re even equally represented in the Israeli Knesset; while making up 20% of Israel’s population, Arabs control 14% (17 members) of Knesset. Such representation cannot be found for Jews in any Muslim-majority country. Israel is also a world leader in LGBTQ rights; Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, has been called “the gay capital of the world”, hosting one of the largest gay rallies in the world in 2016.

Israel is An Innovation Epicenter

Besides being a leader in gay rights, Tel Aviv is also the home of “Silicon Wadi”, the second largest startup ecosystem in the world. It has more startups per capita than any other region, and is home to 95 companies on the NASDAQ, which is more Europe, China, Japan, and Korea combined. Entrepreneurs in the region contribute the region’s success to Israel’s sense of connection and community, its young immigrant population, and the mandatory army service, which they say provide teens with maturity and problem-solving skills. Israeli entrepreneurs in Silicon Wadi have also invented numerous technologies considered crucial to modern society, such as the flash drive, the app Waze, modern drip irrigation, and the PillCam.

As Americans, we have not just a strategic partnership and good foreign policy in allying Israel; we also have a true democracy and ethical state that we should strive to learn from. America and Israel can use each other as political allies, technological innovators, and diplomats to solve the seemingly never-ending Middle East conflicts.

For more on these issues, check out PragerU, including this video on Israel and Apartheid.

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