Congressional Republicans have abandoned Conservatism

Congressional Republicans have abandoned Conservatism

Conservatism can be foundationally explained as wanting to conserve the principles of the past, mainly the ideals of equality, natural rights and limited government found in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. This foundation can be split up into three different pillars through which those general principles are conserved. These pillars are social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, and national security conservatism.

Social conservatism refers to the conservation of traditional values and morals, usually rooted in the Bible. The conservation of morality and values, such as life and marriage, contribute tremendously to a well working and lawful society, helping to ensure equality and natural rights prosper.

National security conservatism can be viewed through two lenses. First, it flows from the preamble of the U.S. Constitution tasking the federal government with providing for the common defense of its citizens. It is also appropriate to view national security conservatism through a second lens, which is the role of United States in promoting freedom throughout the world. Though the extent of this role can be debated, national security conservatives would affirm that the world is a better place when United States is involved at some level in the affairs of the world.

Fiscal conservatism is an integral part of a limited government, since monetarily limiting the size of the federal government limits what the federal government can do. If the government has less money, it simply can’t do as much. So, reducing the amount of revenue (taxes paid by you) and the amount of expenditures the federal government has is essential to fiscal conservatism.

Now, conservatism is often equated with the Republican Party, and indeed most conservatives would probably identify as members of the Republican Party. But in light of current actions by Republicans, this equation is sorely mistaken.

Republicans have completely abandoned two of the three legs of conservatism. They have abandoned both fiscal and social conservatism as illustrated below.

You probably haven’t heard, but two weeks ago, our national debt reached a new high of $21 trillion dollars. No nation in history has ever owed so much money to other nations, some of which are unfriendly to our national interests, namely China. Yet you likely heard nothing about it. Not one squabble from our Republican controlled Congress. Instead, Congress just passed the worst piece of legislation since the Trump Presidency began, i.e. "the Omnibus".

This absolutely massive 2,232 page bill was released on Thursday, March 21. The House of Representatives voted on the bill the same day, giving those representatives less than 12 hours to read 2,200+ pages! The bill then passed the Senate at 12:20 a.m. Friday morning, meaning that the bill passed both Houses of Congress around 24 hours after the bill was revealed for members of Congress and the public to read. In other words, “many lawmakers are voting up-or-down on a bill they didn’t write and had no opportunity to debate.”

According to Mr. Rand Paul’s twitter feed, the bill took over two hours to print from his office printer so he could attempt to read the bill! In a government that is supposed to serve and be accountable to the people, how is it possible for common people to read the bill, if even the few members in Congress can’t even read it before it must be voted upon? This lack of transparency should frighten every American, no matter what party they affiliate with.

Not only is this bill disgustingly massive, Republicans adopted so many liberal policies, that many Democrats actually supported the bill! 111 House Democrats voted for it, whereas only 77 voted against it!. In the Senate 40 Democrats voted for it with only 8 against! Yet this bill is being passed with a united REPUBLICAN government, meaning that both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans! Absolutely unbelievable. Why did the majority of Democrats support this bill? Because this bill:

●     Spends $1.3 trillion dollars for the rest of the fiscal year.

●     Allocates $641 million for 33 miles of new border fencing instead of $15 billion needed for the border wall. This money is explicitly instructed to not be used to build a concrete barrier. In other words, this money is intentionally designed to not build the wall.

●     Does not deny funds to sanctuary cities who violate federal immigration law. This means that federal grants and funds will continue to flow to sanctuary cities, rather than cutting them off in an attempt to get these secession-minded cities to abide by federal immigration law.

●     Continues to fund Planned Parenthood with over $500 million dollars. This money undoubtedly props up Planned Parenthood financially, meaning that our tax dollars are funding abortion, and the criminal dismemberment of baby body parts. No Republican who voted for this bill can honestly claim to be pro-life.

●     Codifies the “fix NICS” bill into law further degrading the 2nd Amendment without attaching on concealed carry reciprocity between states. This part of the bill incentivizes states and agencies to add additional people to the flawed background check system preventing them from buying guns without going through a court. The “fix NICS” bill was originally passed alongside legislation allowing concealed-carry reciprocity so that gun owners can carry their guns between states using their home state permit. However, that pro-gun part of the original bill was removed and the anti-gun portion was added into this Omnibus alone.

●     Gives around $3.5 billion dollars for an earmarked tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey requested by Chuck Schumer.

In other words, this bill fails to do so much of what Republicans and president Trump campaigned on. Indeed, Congressional Republicans are not even planning to use budget reconciliation (the method used last year to pass the tax bill) this year to pass any other of their priorities. Since no other conservative legislation can be passed due to the Senate filibuster (reconciliation bypasses the filibuster), this is literally what the Congressional Republicans have given the American people this year. That’s it. Period.

One of the only good things that this bill accomplishes is increasing military spending by tens of billions of dollars. After eight years of neglect under the Obama administration, and increasing threats from around the world including North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and terrorism, our military needs rebuilding. Spending by the Department of Defense fell from $790 billion in 2010 to $606 billion in 2017. “Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that “[i]t will require years of stable budgets and increased funding” to overcome the readiness shortfalls.” This bill brings our military budget back up to a much higher level of $700 billion dollars.

Nonetheless, an increase in military spending does not justify continued or increased spending in every other area of government, and a 13 percent increase in discretionary spending. Indeed, when you increase spending in both areas as this bill does, you get even MORE national debt. With this kind of spending, we’re going to be at over $25 trillion in national debt by end of president Trump’s first term.

Unfortunately, only one man could have stopped this bill from becoming law and that is president Trump. But alas, president Trump is too busy boasting on twitter about how he would beat former vice president Joe Biden in a fist fight. So he signed it anyway. But hey, maybe I’m just sick of all this winning already. MAGA am I right...

By increasing spending across the board, and choosing to send another $500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood, the Republican Party has abandoned fiscal and social conservatism. The Republican party is broken, and conservatives have no place in it. I would implore you to see whether your member of Congress voted for this bill which you can check here and here. If they voted to spend more of your hard earned money without even doing their job and reading the bill, vote them out! The veil has been removed. Now it is up to you to hold your members of Congress accountable for their unacceptable actions.

With additional increases in federal spending, an ever increasing national debt, a growing number of secession-minded cities, and the continuation of codifying of immorality into the law, highlighted by money flowing to Planned Parenthood, our point of no return is growing closer. The light of the torch from Lady Liberty is growing dim, and the ring of the Liberty Bell is growing ever fainter.

Yet I believe there is still hope, otherwise I would not be writing this article. But we don’t have forever. We must rise up and reclaim liberty, limited government, and our sovereignty as the people - whom our elected officials are accountable to. The ball is in our court. What happens next, is up to us.

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