The Meaning of Life in the United States of America Part I: Foundations

The Meaning of Life in the United States of America Part I: Foundations

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Matt Britton, 40 Days for Life, Chairman of the Board and General Counsel

Neither society nor its government has a legitimate interest in promoting anything that does not secure its own future. The very purpose of society and its government is to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens now and for the future.

We will address our laws in future segments of this series, but first we examine the pre-law foundations of America.

All laws must be moral to be licit. Laws may be validly (procedurally) enacted, but that makes them neither licit nor moral. No person advocates an “immoral law.” No person goes to their legislator and states: “I have an idea for an immoral law, please draft a bill.” No lawmaker argues on the floor: “My bill is immoral and I am all for it.”

As such, only moral laws are licit. Morality comes from Natural Law. Black’s Law Dictionary defines Natural Law as:

A rule of conduct arising out of the natural relations of human beings, established by the Creator, and existing prior to any positive precept. The foundation of this law is…the will of God, discovered by right reason, and aided by divine revelation; and its principles, when applicable, apply with equal obligation to individuals and to nations. (Emphasis added).

The US Constitution states that the United States of America was created in order to secure rights for “ourselves and our Posterity.” The very definition of “posterity” is children, offspring and all future generations.

America, therefore, was not simply created for the moment, for ourselves, in an egotistical spasm of self-indulgence; but for a far bigger, more noble purpose: For all future generations.

If no children, then no future generations, no posterity, no America.

This is also God’s law: The same promise made to Abraham, that he would have great posterity (offspring) and be free to worship God the way God intended.

Once again, our Declaration of Independence is in complete accord:

…to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (Emphasis added).

In short, in order to be licit, a law must be moral; in order to be moral a law must follow Natural Law; Natural Law is given to us by God Himself.

As such, it is God’s law that our laws must effectuate. First and foremost, among them is the absolute sanctity and protection of Life – all Life.

Without Life, we need no society, no government and no law.

Of course, government does not and should not provide for all or even most of our needs.  It should not take care of our responsibilities. I hope that you will join 40 Days for Life at the forefront of the Pro-Life movement; on the street, praying and fasting in front of abortion facilities throughout the Country to end abortion in every community, in every city and town, in our Nation. If Millennials won’t do it, who will?



Matt Britton serves as the Chairman of the Board and General Counsel for 40 Days for Life. Matt has had an expansive legal career including four terms as an elected prosecutor, county attorney, has provided counsel to publicly traded U.S. companies operating globally and abroad, major law firm litigator, and general counsel. Matt has written and spoken countless times on a wide range of legal and pro-life issues in locations across the United States as well as England, Japan, Columbia, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, China and locations across the European Union.  Most importantly, Matt is married to Libby Britton and they have eight beautiful children.

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